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HOT NEW RELEASE: Jimi Nu Releases: “ Vision Me Rolling”

With the astonishing fan support being shown for Jimi Nu, aka the Freestyle King of Tallahassee Rap, Jimi Nu is releasing “Vision Me Rolling” for his fans. The 23 year old freestyle king, raised in the home of the “Rattlers” & “Seminoles “in Tallahassee, FL; Jimi has always had a natural freestyle gift with strong lyrical content. Jimi Nu has made it his destiny to command the Mic, stay true to his message & perform for audiences worldwide.
“Vision Me Rolling” – is a record that speaks on many real life events that have transpired in Jimi Nu’s life. With Jimi’s clever & honest content, Lyrics like “When I was broke, I was living out the studio”, shows that Jimi has sacrificed & has put in many hours of hard work & dedication to get to where he is today. There isn’t anything that Jimi hasn’t been through that hasn’t made him stronger & a better lyricist. With the wide range of fan support from all over the country, the VISION for Jimi Nu is very clear…MAKING HISTORY!!


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